MAP your Quality of Healthcare Service with Lean Healthcare Methodology

Do you think that this Lean Methodology will help you in your Quality of Care?

Let me make it more clear.

I will assure you that this lean methodology will help you to “MAP” your quality and this “MAP” helps you to bridge the gap between the consumer expectation and your service quality. It helps to leverage your outcome of service quality.

MAP your Quality of Healthcare Service with Lean Healthcare Methodology

Nowadays the utmost barrier for healthcare service providers like you is “MAP”. Majority of contribution for healthcare service providers is from manpower. The outcome of each and every single manpower, it may be a nursing staff, pharmacist, lab technicians or helping staffs reflects to the overall outcome. One thing what I can assure is this Lean Healthcare Methodology will help you to “MAP” the skill set of workers in healthcare service.

Let me describe you like how it will be?

Mastery – MAP your Quality of Healthcare Service with Lean Healthcare Methodology :

It helps to identify their unique skill.

It helps to develop competitive on a specific area.

If you want to be a competitive person?

If you want to develop a unique identification?

MAP your Quality of Healthcare Service – Then you have to be mastery in any one specific area. You have to select your niche in your respective field. For example, you have to decide on to position yourself in assisting with laparoscopic surgeries or you want to specialize in ICU nursing or you want to be more specific on Obstetrics and Gynaecology. You have to be mastery in that specific area. Lean Methodology helps you to identify your specific niche and how to improve your knowledge in that field. Lean tools and techniques help you to leverage your efficiency and it pushes you towards you to become a mastery of that specific area that you are interested in.

It helps you to identify in what ways you are spending your time and how you can eliminate your unwanted spending in your working hours. It teaches you on how to identify your unwanted spending.

How can you avoid unwanted movements?

How can you avoid doing things multiple times?

How can you minimize the waiting period?

How can you assist without any mistakes and defects?


Once you get noticed of these things then you can utilize the same time to update your skills and learn new methods and concepts. Once you start to learn new concepts you will try to implement it. Once you implement new concepts you will get noticed by the management and by the doctors. Once you get noticed you will get more chances and opportunities to repeat it. Once you do the same thing repeatedly you will become smart enough to handle it in any circumstances, then for sure you will become a master in that specific area.

There are several methods and concepts to avoid your unwanted movements, overdoing, repeating the same activity, waiting time for others’ responses and so on. Lean methodology guides you on these things and helps you to become a master in your specific area of interest

MAP your Quality of Healthcare Service with Lean Healthcare Methodology
MAP your Quality of Healthcare Service with Lean Healthcare Methodology


ADAPTABILITY – MAP your Quality of Healthcare Service with Lean Healthcare Methodology :

Next major skill that is important in this environment is adaptability. Nowadays changes are inevitable. We are facing disruption and changes with the influence of various factors. Some of major factors are


Government Policies

Consumer Behavior

Nature Disaster

Pandemic/Epidemic., and so on.

The Healthcare sectors are moving fast towards adopting new technologies and innovations from Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Robotics, Data Science, etc.

You have to be prepared to educate new technology and how to use it to your staffs and workers. You have to be more informative on how to face these challenges and adapt to the environment.

Lean methodology will change the behaviour and will motivate your staffs and employees towards their strength. It uplifts your confidence that you know how to learn new things and on how to adapt to the environment.


PURPOSE – MAP your Quality of Healthcare Service with Lean Healthcare Methodology :

Finally, it educates you to understand the purpose of your activity.

You know about Dr.A.P.J.Abdul Kalam right?

Once during his tenure as a project director at ISRO he had a habit of a casual visit to the shop floors and frontline employees just to have some interactions. At that time the entire team of ISRO was busy with developing an Indigenous Missile. While Dr.A.P.J.Abdul Kalam  was just walking towards the shop floor and noticed a person carrying some documents and that documents consist of some blueprints of visual maps and diagrams. Dr.A.P.J.Abdul Kalam  stopped him and asked him, “Excuse me gentle man, may I know what you were carrying with you?”

He replied as “I don’t know sir and our Sr.Project Engineer ask me to get this documents on his table to his shop floor”

Dr.A.P.J.Abdul Kalam asked him, “Do you know about what is happening here and what we are doing?

That person replies that “I don’t know sir and my job is to obey the instruction given by my Sr Project Engineer”

Dr.A.P.J.Abdul Kalam said “Ok gentleman, you are doing a great job and helping us a lot, Thank you.”

That person is really confused about what is the greatest job i have done here and why Dr.A.P.J.Abdul Kalam is appreciating me? I always used to just carry a bunch of files and documents and would help to arrange chairs and tables if there were any meetings. He can’t get an answer and moves back to his routine job.

MAP your Quality of Healthcare Service with Lean Healthcare Methodology
MAP your Quality of Healthcare Service with Lean Healthcare Methodology

On that same evening Dr.A.P.JAbdul Kalam called all project engineers and Sr.Project engineers and scientists for an urgent meeting. Dr.A.P.J explained what happened this morning and instructed his team that “it is important to educate the purpose of this project and about the purpose why we are doing it. It’s not only about Seniors and instructors, my opinion is that each and every one should know about the purpose of our project. If everyone understands the purpose clearly our project is half successful”.

So understanding the purpose is another important factor. If you know the purpose, you can easily set a path. Once you identify your path you can easily see hurdles in your path. Once you get noticed about hurdles you can provide solutions for those hurdles. Once problems are solved you can achieve your destination successfully.

MAP your Quality of Healthcare Service with Lean Healthcare Methodology. This is how Lean methodology helps you to “MAP” your skill.


For Furture reference

Process mapping in healthcare: a systematic review

Lean Methodology in Health Care

Lean manufacturing


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