Who is an Entrepreneur?

Briefly explain the term Intrapreneur Identify the differences between Entrepreneur & Entrepreneurship

Do you think that Entrepreneurs need to be aware of their self- competency?

What conclusions can you draw about the drone Entrepreneur?

Compare the role of the Manager with that of the Entrepreneur.

Give your opinion about Fabian Entrepreneur.              

What is Entrepreneurial personality?                    

Identify the barriers to Entrepreneurship.
Examine the term Competency.

Academic Technical Knowledge is a must for the Entrepreneur. Justify.

Recall the functions performed by the Entrepreneur.

What facts show that Entrepreneurs have a role in Economic Development?

Making use of theory, define that leadership quality is required for an Entrepreneur.

Examine the skills required for an Entrepreneur. Define Entrepreneurship.

What can you say about idea generation function of the Entrepreneur?

List out the skills required to become an Entrepreneur.

List any four positive aspects of Entrepreneurial career.

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