by Preethi.K & Santhiya.E, Final Year Healthcare, TIPS Global, Coimbatore INTRO: A hospital is a place where people get diagnosed, cured physically as well as mentally. Most of them are scared to hear the sound of an ambulance on the roads. During these days due to large population and heavy traffic with no patience and

The 10 biggest challenges you need to know about Global Healthcare

by ANDRIN MARIA MARTIN & THANGAMARI ISWARYA TIPS-Global Institute, Coimbatore. We live in a time where technologies have reached its peak and new technologies are on the verge to make a drastic impact on our lives. Since healthcare is one of the most sensitive industries that is directly connected to us in almost all possible

Is Julia Too Empowering?

Julia is the director of the municipal bond group of a financial services firm.  Julia has four managers reporting to her, each of whom supervises a unit of the group: retail sales, institutional sales, customer service, and internal administration. Laura, the branch director and company vice president, heard rumblings that the group was not receiving

The Scrutinized Job Candidates

Kelly is a partner at a recruiting firm in Chicago, Illinois. She explains that a job candidate’s behaviour comes under careful watch the moment he or she arrives at the placement firm. “We use whatever data we can to build a portrait of you.” The receptionist notices whether you areusing your cell phone to make

The Telecommuting Challenge

Margot is the vice president of administration at Broadbent Beverages, a bottler and distributor for approximately 25 beverage companies. Much like the bottling companies for the best-known soft drink manufacturers, Broadbent does much of the behind-the- scenes work, such as bottling, packaging, and shipping beverages. As more beverage companies are doing their own bottling and

Should We Launch Lightning Bolt?

Nancy Reid is the marketing and new product director at Katona Beverages, a small niche player in the beverage industry. Among Katona’s products are iced tea in a can, vitamin water, fruit drinks made from natural ingredients, and bottled water pumped from underground springs. Despite some success, sales and profits at Katona are barely enough

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