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Audience : Sales Professionals | Entrepreneurs | DSA | Freelancers | Consultants | Coaches
Industry :  Real Estate | Automobile Store Sales | Retail Stores | Hotels | Jewellery | Insurance | BFSI | POS etc...

B2C Sales Closing Workshop

About The Event

 About the Event

Audience : Sales Professionals | Entrepreneurs | DSA | Freelancers | Consultants | Coaches

Industry :  Real Estate | Automobile Store Sales | Retail Stores | Hotels | Jewellery | Insurance | BFSI | POS etc…

Proficiency : Beginner to Advance

Language : English


Challenges Solved ?

  • Customer Footfall is high but Sales Conversion is low. 
  • Customer Likes the product/property/services but Do Not Buy?
  • It’s hard to convince customers against  competition and convert walk-ins to Sales.
  • Customer raise lot of objections such as – No requirement, pricing is high, budget, Vastu, location etc…
  • Customers disappear after hearing the pricing.
  • You are unable to sell more per customer using Add-on selling or convince customers for loyalty programs etc…
  • Lower Productivity, Customer Connects, Irregular Followups, Relationship Building, Referral Generation.


What will you Gain?

  • You will be equipped with consultative selling approach to hold insightful discussion with customers and dig out customer precise needs & buying motivation, budget, purchase urgency, buying potential to accordingly adjust their Sales Pitch and Approach.
  • You will be equipped with exceptional presentation & Communication skills to showcase products that best match to customer expectations, build desires.
  • You will be equipped with objections handing techniques such as LEAR, ADA to overcome buying objections and drive purchase behaviour.
  • You will be enquipped with Pro negotiation, closing and Add-on selling techniques to drive more sales and high per sale value. 
  • You will be equipped with right Sales Mindset, behaviour and Productivity skills to drive more customer connects, build likability and relationship on spot to drive customer experience and generate more positive word of mouth, referrals and more…


9am – 1pm | Sales Conversions | Consultative Approach | Value Selling | Presentation Skills


Struggling to Win Sales? Learn to Sell Like an Authority and convert 20% Walk-ins to Sales in First Meeting without any Hard Selling.


What will you Learn?

  • Introduction to B2C Selling.
  • Understand Customer Persona, Psychology of Buying and Reverse-Psychology
  • Why First Meeting/Call is Crucial and How to Prepare for it.
  • Position yourself as an Authority & Trusted Adviser in First Meeting
  • How to uncover the full set of buyer needs and deal potential using RAMP Model.
  • How to re-enforce your Product Value using PSG and Storytelling model.
  • How to Create Value Proposition and Deliver Killer Product/Property Demos & Presentations.
  • Sales Language, Right and Wrong Words, Questions to asks.
  • How to handle difficlt sutuations arise during customer call or meeting such as :
  • Customer do not share much information about his/her preferce, current situation etc…
  • Customer enquiry about pricing first
  • Customer do not show interest in your solution
  • Customer compares your solution with other solutions and focus on missing features etc..


2pm – 4pm | Objections Handling | Negotiations | Add-on Selling | Closing Techniques | Sales Pipeline Management | Followups


What will you Learn?

  • Top 15 Sales Objections related to Features, Location, Vastu,  company, Pricing, deliver & Cheaper Competition Objections and Why Customer Raises those?
  • How to address these Objections with Encouraging Responses.
  • Understanding Buyer’s Psychology of Negotiations, Persuasion and Buying.
  • Strategies to justify Product Value over price & competition using ‘Option Question’
  • Top Strategies to avoid price discounts and unreasonable demands from buyers.
  • Strategies to increase deal size multi-fold using up-selling & Cross-Selling.
  • Top Closing Techniques, Sales Pipeline Management, Sales Productivity Techniques.


Meet Your Trainer | Mr. Prasan. 


3times Awarded Best Sales Trainer in India


Mr. Prasan is a seasoned Sales Coach with over 15 years of exceptional Sales Training Experience. He is a Trainer, Motivational Speaker and  Mentor for Sales Professionals, Entrepreneurs, Managers & Students.


He has trained more than 50,000 sales people across industry giants such as ICICI, Puravankara, Tommyhilfiger, Swarowski, Raddison Hotels, Hyundai, Renault, Honda Motors, Compact UPS, Thrive Solar…


He is an Author and in his sales tenure held vairou high Sales Leadership positions including Vice_president sales heading global sales and business development for vairous Retail and FMCG organisations. 


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