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We at Leheca train student, Staffs, Doctors, Nurses, Therapists, Medical Lab technician, front liners and administration staffs.
We train them for the betterment and improvement in the field of health sector. With an objective of helping health sector reach high quality of services reach high quality of services with an affordable cost and also with help of lean methodology
Our healthcare industry is shifting its focus to long-term development by enforcing high-quality professional standards. It also aims to encourage innovation and increase skill development in the pursuit of continuous improvement and quality management. This training programme will focus on gaining a deeper understanding of Lean principles and methods in order to give perfect value through a perfect value-creation process in order to achieve continuous improvement.
Methodology for Lean Manufacturing.
Developing the necessary abilities to integrate the process of quality improvement.
Reduces waste in all processes, procedures, and tasks.
Developing the necessary abilities to integrate the quality improvement process through a continuous improvement approach, assists in reducing waste in every process, operation, and task.
Increasing knowledge and improving abilities in order to pick Lean principles for implementation.
The program improves clinical revenues, improves the happiness of the patient, the promise schedule, the reduction of depression time.

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